What is the Best Foil Electric Shaver for 2018

Best Electric Foil Shaver

The debate about which is the best between the foil shaver vs. rotary shaver is still a hot topic in some forums.

If you have found a shaver that works well for your face and style, then you will argue that the type of shaver you use is the best.

So, all depends on the benefits and convenience of a shaver type will be selected, either type rotary shaver or foil shaver.

Today, we’re not talking about what’s best between foil shaver vs. rotary shaver.

Just give information on what best foil shaver is, why choose it, the advantages of foil shaver and reviews some of the best foil shavers.

Our Top Electric Foil Shaver for 2018

What is the Best Foil Electric Shaver

The electric foil shaver is a shaver that uses an oscillating blade hidden beneath a thin layer of foil. Produce a close shave in the first gap, can reduce skin irritation that often occurs when shaving.

With a pivot head, making the shaver easy to maneuver and comfortable to shave around the face and neck area, without vibration or loud noises.

Can use for dry shaver or wet shaver with shaving cream, waterproof and easy to clean.

But unfortunately, this type of electric shaver is not good used for people who have angular face shapes. Because it will take a long time to get a clean shave.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Best Foil Shaver

Best foil shaver is one of two types of electric shavers on the market today, and the shaver is suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

Besides suitable for use for those with sensitive skin, there are some advantages of using foil shaver such as smooth and clean shavings, daily use, shaved adequately, can apply for straight line trimming, easy to cut soft and straight hair.

Foil shaver will provide a closer, more precise and faster shaving. As well as the foil shaver easy to clean, just rinse under the tap or use a cleaning station for cleaning and automatic drying.

But, besides the advantages, there are some disadvantages of foil shavers such as hard to shaved curly hair, hard shaved thick and coarse beard.

Because, foil shaver can only use in one motion, vertical or horizontal, then for those who familiar with using rotary shaver will be challenging to use and get a perfect shaving.

Best Foil Shaver Buying Guide: Top Models

Intelligent and innovative foil shaver, which can read and adapt with your beard. With three cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard work together to cut in one step.

Flexible shaving heads can move eight directions, softly adapt to your skin and cut hair even in areas difficult to reach.

Able to shave thick beards with ideal efficiency thanks to the AutoSensing Motor used and Sonic technology that produces 10,000 micro-vibrations to help cut more in one stroke.

100% waterproof, easy to clean with running water on tap after use for dry or wet shaving. This foil shaver has five personal shaving modes for extra power or softness by pressing one button.

Use advanced Li-Ion batteries that can last up to 50 minutes without the use of wires and a premium screen for you to know the remaining battery life. Merely recharge entirely within an hour then the electric foil shaver ready for use again.

The best foil Shaver has a dual-end design, which can use for shaved and trimmed with just one product. Specially designed for men who want clean looks with no hassle, Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is the right solution.

Can use at the bottom of the neck, shave and trim the chest and abdomen, armpits, legs, back, shoulders and even the groin area with five length change options from 1/8 inch to 11/25 inch.

Ergonomic designs equipped with soft rubber sides and buttons provide a comfortable and secure grip, whether used in wet or dry conditions.

Having a 3D pivoting head with the hypo-allergenic material, making the shaving head can follow the contours of your body and a built-in trimmer comb that has five extended options, gliding comfortably over your skin.

Panasonic ES8243A Electric Foil Shaver or more popular with name Panasonic Arc 4 shaver is designed with innovative and smart features to produce a close and comfortable shave.

The adjustable rotating head of the shaver smoothly glides over the face, chin, neck, and jaw with a speed of 13,000 pieces per minute consistently to provide clean, close and smooth shaving.

Ultra-thin foil, stainless steel, with four blades ultra-sharp nanotech 30 degrees, catching, lifting, holding and cutting hair neatly on the base for a close shave.

Blade and stainless steel foil Panasonic Arc 4 shaver is hypoallergenic and designed to provide comfort and a gentle shave for any skin even on the most sensitive skin though.

Panasonic Arc 4 foil shaver can use with circular motion making it ideal for those who are familiar with using the best rotary electric shaver.

Get professional-quality shave using the Remington F5-5800 that smoothly follows the angles and contours of your face for close and comfortable shaving.

Each foil can flex independently, and pivoting neck of the shaver can adjust to the curves of your chin, cheek, and neck to reduce pressure and irritation on the skin, thanks to Pivot and Flex Technology used.

Using surgical-grade blades, stainless steel, to produce a clean, close shave without nicks and scratches. Easy to clean, rinse the shaver under the tap for easy cleaning after use.

Remington F5 combines the power and technology for a great shave experience with 60 minutes of use without cables.

Wahl Pro 5-Star Shaver Shaper is a multifunctional shaver. With an attractive aesthetic design, these foil shavers provide the highest precision for shiny, clean and irritable free results.

Besides, it can be used to shave the beard, Wahl 8061 5-Star Shaver is perfect shaver for the bald head.

With hypoallergenic gold foil, even the most sensitive skin will be free from razor blades, deep grown hair or skin irritation.

Using a rechargeable battery that can use for 60 minutes with the motor running at full speed. It is light, thus keeping you from the fatigue of arms, hands, and wrists when using it. Easy to clean with a cleaning brush included when you buy the Wahl Professional 8061 5 star Shaver.

Best Electric Foil Shaver Buying Guide: Top Foil Shaver Brands

For each product on the market, you will find some big brands that have dominated concerning sales volume and product quality.

Likewise, for foil shaver products. Every time you search online for the best foil electric shaver, you will find great brands like Braun, Philips Norelco, Panasonic, and others.

Each of these big brands has different designs and the latest technology used. So, choose a foil electric shaver that already has a well-known brand and has proven product quality.

Earlier, Braun AG was a German company in the field of consumer products based in Kronberg. From 1984 to 2005 became a subsidiary of The Gillette Company.

In 2005, Gillette’s company acquired by Procter & Gamble (P & G) company, so until now, Braun has become part of the P & G Family.

Braun has manufactured electric shaver since the 1950s, with an oscillating cutter block with a thin layer of steel, but the stable on top of it.

The design is still used in Braun electric shaver products today. Some of the best-selling Braun electric shavers on the market today are Braun Series 9, Braun Series 7, Braun Series 5, Braun Series 3 and Braun MobileShave.

Perhaps, we are familiar with the Philips brand of household products they produce, such as light bulbs, refrigerators, televisions and other household appliances.

The brand name of Philips Norelco probably feels unfamiliar to us. Norelco is the American brand name for electric shavers and other personal care products made by Philips Consumer Lifestyle Division.

It is an acronym for “North American Philips [electrical] Company” and continue to use the name for all their US products.

And in 2005, Philips made an electric shaver under the name of Philips Norelco to improve the Philips brand recognition in the United States.

Some of the technologies used by Philips Norelco is MultiPrecision Blade System for a quick and close shave, Aquatec Wet & Dry for fast dry but comfortable shaving or wet shaving with gel or shaving foam.

Panasonic is a Japanese company in the field of electronic products founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918.

With the vision of “A Better Life, A Better World,” Panasonic is committed to creating a better life and world. Panasonic continues to advance in various fields and technologies.

In the field of health and beauty, especially in an electric shaver, the technology used by Panasonic is growing steadily.

Some of the technology used Panasonic electric shaver is a 4-Blade Cutting System to shave close, smooth and fast. Multi-fit Arc Foil which makes shaver can follow the contours of your face for cutting efficiently.

And Nanotech ™ Blades technology, a 30-degree blade technology featuring nanotechnology cutting hair essentially for a close shave.

Don’t do this with your Best Electric Foil Shaver!

Electric shavers use some modern technology, of course, this is meant so that shaver can fulfill the desire of its usage to get the shaving smooth and neat.

Thus, this will need appropriate handling, maintenance and use techniques to maintain the quality, durability, and effectiveness of the shaver.

Here are some things to avoid when using your electric foil shaver, so that the durability and lifespan of the shaver maintained.

1. Don't push too hard on skin

There is a wrong assumption so far, by pressing the shaver hard enough on the skin will get the right trim results. 

By pressing the foil shaver too hard on your skin, you will get shaving with irritated skin instead of getting the right trim result.

So, do not use foil shavers by pressing too hard on the skin, because you will get skin irritation.

2. Don't use to shave long hair

If your hair or beard is too long, you should first use scissors to cut it and then use a foil shaver to clean and tidy up. 

Because long hair will easily trap into the foil layer, will make your electric shaver becomes stuck and easily damaged.

3. Don't tap the shaver to hard surface

Don’t clean your electric shaver by tapping it to a hard surface. Modern electric shaver now is made with a use of complex mechanical systems.

By tapping an electric shaver on a hard surface will result in the mechanical part of your foil shaver not working correctly.

4. Don't store shaver in wet condition

Clean your electric shaver properly after use. Dry and do not store your electric shaver while it is still wet.

Storing electric shavers in wet conditions, and leaving them in a humid place like the bathroom will result in your razor blades becoming rusty and dull.

5. Don’t throw away the protective shaving cap

Usually, electric shaver equipped with the protective cap when purchased. Don’t throw away the protective cover.

Because the protective cap is used to keep your razor blade clean and avoid the particles that can cause rust on your razor blade.

Use the protective cap on your electric shaver after use, so the shaver remains durable and long lasting.

6. Not assemble or disassemble correctly

On every electrical appliance, always equipped with guidance for proper installation or disassembly according to company standard.

Do assembly or installation of your electric shaver following the manufacturer’s manual so that your shaver is durable and long-lasting.

Usually, damage caused by an error in assembly or disassembly is not guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty.


From so many of the best foil shaver on the market today, there are only a few brands that have dominated and have the best product quality, such as Braun Shaver, Philips Norelco Shaver, and Panasonic Shaver.

For those of you who want a shaver that can shave and trim in one product, Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 is the right choice, specially designed for men who want to look clean without hassles.