Philips Norelco 3100 Electric Shaver Review 2018

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Entry level electric razors have been in demand nowadays.

With an affordable price, a lot of men prefer to purchase it than the expensive ones.

Nonetheless, there are entry-level shavers now that could level on with those premium shaving products.

One of these electric shavers includes Philips Norelco 3100 Electric Shaver for which will be evaluated on this review.

Philips Norelco 3100 Features

  • A ComfortCut Blade System with 3 rounded profile heads arranged triangularly for precise and smooth cuts into the skin.
  • A 4 direction flex heads for easy adjustments on shaving curves on the face, neck, and jawline.
  • The shaver has two operational options: plugged in and cordless.
  • One click button to open the head and the pop-up trimmer.

What’s the Philips Norelco 3100?

This Philips shaver model is an affordable way to experience the Norelco brand.

From its unique design and built, you’ll never really doubt that it’s one of Norelco’s products. The three circular blades and a parabolic shaped gripping handle is the company’s brand.

But nonetheless, this product is quite different than any Norelco shaver. Aside from its inexpensive price, this shaver is well-built, easy to use and clean as needed.

The shaving device also incorporates innovations like ComfortCut Blade System and 4 direction flex heads that promotes quality shaving processes.

The package kit comes with a shaver, protective cap, and a power cord.

If you want to look in detail with this product’s features, then try to scroll below for you to know more.


The shaver is quite large upon looking at it but lightweight as you’ve to hold it. Overall, this 13.6-ounce shaver is black finished made mostly of plastic.

The top half of the interface is wrapped up with a grained rubber material that is utilized to improve gripping.

The rubberized area contains the power button and the LED indicator light for low battery levels.

A button for opening the head is located just below to it. Also, on the shaver’s rear, a pop-up trimmer is easily open through a one-click switch situated below on it.

Overall, its design is great though nothing extraordinary with a Norelco product. Nonetheless, some users are not quite a fan of its plastic made body.

With this price, it should at least not to be extremely lightweight and too plastic.

Battery Life and Charging 

The brilliant feature of this device is the plugged in option for which only a few cordless electric shavers incorporates.

Also, it powers through a lithium-ion battery that lasts for about 45 minutes or 15 shaves approximately in total. The shaver is rechargeable into a full load for 8 hours.

For emergencies, it includes a 3-minute charging option to be used into few shavings. There is also a battery indicator on its interface to take the track of things easily.


With the use of an innovative technology blading system, this shaver ensures smooth and wide-angled shaving that moves in multiple directions and curves as needed.

Nonetheless, just be careful and not apply too much pressure upon shaving because it could irritate your skin. A few of its users have patches and burns while using this.

Thus, this shaver is not particularly advice for utilization on people with sensitive skins and very dense hairs.

But nonetheless, it still did a great for its price. It’s a plus though that it has a pop-up trimmer to be used for trimming.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

The instructions for utilization and cleaning is prettily straightforward for a lot of users. The good thing though is that the head is easily open for cleaning.

Nonetheless, a hot tap water is recommended for cleaning it.

Also, disassembling the head could be a mess with the blade on. That is why you need to be extra careful about it.


For an entry-level shaver, its price it’s a bit expensive. But with all its features, the price seems reasonable and worth a shot at buying.

Nonetheless, you could also buy separate heads to replace an older one anytime with a good price.

Pros and Cons


  • Multi-edge shaving system
  • Operational options
  • One click pop up trimmer
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable Build


  • Short Battery Life
  • Not Suitable for Dense Hairs and Sensitive Skin types

Philips Norelco 3100 Competitors

Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3

Panasonic’s entry-level shaving device that is a couple dollar expensive with Philips Norelco Electric Shaver.

This shaver is mainly operated with 3 very sharp nanotech blades and a thin arc foil for multi-angled contouring and hair trimming.

However, this shaver is not recommended for utilization to those with long and very dense hairs.

It is equipped with a high-performance linear motor system that operates 13,000 cuts per minute.

It includes a pop-up trimmer for emergency grooming situations. Also, this shaver does well in wet or dry shaving.

With its design and built, this shaver looks durable and heavily constructed. It’s quite heavy about 6 pounds and includes a rubber well-patterned grip to its handles.

However, its battery operation seems to be the major drawback of this shaver.

It could not be plugged in and should be charged for an hour before using it. The product’s maximum operation could last for about 45 minutes.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

A sleek designed 6.6-inch black finished razor that is empowered with Pivot and Flex Technology for smooth sailed shaving even at curved abled surfaces like the jawline and neck.

Its blades are easily removed and surgical grade to ensure that cuts and patches are prevented.

It includes a Pop Up Trimmer to address thick hairs and sideburns.

With its battery utilization, the device runs about a maximum of an hour and charges for 2 hours as needed.

Nonetheless, detection of low battery levels is read into a LED indicator on the interface of the device.

The only thing that commonly a lot of users complain are the noises it produces. It’s loud and vibrating which is sometimes could be a nuisance during shaving.

Braun Series 7-790cc Men’s Electric Razor

A contemporarily built shaving device that is silver finished with streamlined black rubber for tight gripping.

The façade houses the intuitive power button and two side small buttons to control shaver’s speed.

At the bottom, situates the LED indicator for battery consumption.

This foil shaving machine moves with two optic foils. These optic foils are built for easy contour shaving on jawlines and neck.

It is also made with sonic technology to increase power by shaving on long beards and hairs.

It has fast cleaning option and runs for a maximum of 50 minutes with a charging duration of 1 hour. This is quite a good shaving machine.

The only drawback is its price. You’ll spend a lot of dollars to but this shaver.


If you are looking for an entry level shaving device, then try Philips Norelco 3100 Electric Shaver.

It may have some limitations but it has great features that you most often don’t see in a shaver with the same range of price.

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