Philips Norelco Oneblade Review 2018

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Every man will likely understand the art of trimming beards and the endless tapering brought from sideburns and cuts.

It’s no easy, right? It’s hard to get caught with a perfect shaver that suits your manly tastes.

That is why we are trying to help you. This Philips Norelco Oneblade will lighten up your shaving mood.

No more scars and tapes. This electric shaving device will be man’s basic guide to shaving.

Norelco Oneblade Features

  • Philips’ unique dual system blade technology that includes a 200x fast cutting action for shaving long hairs
  • Coated with metal, its blades are easily disposed and detached from its protective coating containing seamless combs.
  • Smoothly flexed head with a small plastic base that contours smoothly to curved areas like the jawline.
  • The attached NiMH battery runs for 45 minutes and loads up about 8-hour maximum charging.

Philips Norelco Oneblade Review

Why use Philips Norelco Oneblade?

It’s a reasonably priced electric shaver that is incorporated with a multiple of good features. The one blade technology trims around with a fast-moving cutter that runs 200x per second.

Aside from that, its head is designed for disposability and wide angled shaving. This shaver is modernly designed and does not really weigh much.

This is a flexible razor that works well with dry and wet shaving. The product’s main body is water resistant. Likewise, it is easy to clean as needed.

It’s an all-around product that is cheaply priced to be accessible by all men. The shaving kit consists of a blade handle, replaceable blade, 3 different comb sizes, a battery charger, and an instruction manual.

For more detailed evaluation, check the review divided into categories below.


This 9-ounce shaver has a sporty vibe with matching lime green rubber streamline that is dotted for easy grip.

The razor’s handle is mainly coated with silver and black front interface that is made of plastic.

Its power button is within its interface and the port for the charger is situated on the base of the handle.

Its razor head containing the blade is easily detached with smoothly flex that allows it to curve on the facial surface.

This design is somehow intuitive but the flex has a thin body made mainly of plastic. There are close tendencies that it will get broken.

Nonetheless, over the blade is a protective covering that is seamed to avoid utmost irritation called the comb.

Battery and Charging Performance

It has a rechargeable NiMH battery that runs for about 45 minutes. This is somehow short powered as compared to premium brands with a maximum 60-minute operation.

The charger is easily socketed at the base of the razor. It has a battery indicator light that illuminated when the battery is low and full. Maximum charging duration is approximately 8 hours.

However, there are users who have difficulty with the battery’s maintenance. It does not last for a long duration. But nonetheless, the product could be a defect or the razor was overused.

Operation Efficiency 

The product is powered by premium blade technology which is equipped with micro-size gripped teeth called the comb for easy maneuvering upon every shave.

Its head and blades are easily replaceable anytime you needed it. It is versatile during wet and dry shaving.

However, still not as conducive among the likes of Braun and Panasonic’s shaving devices.

Additionally, there are users who have problems with this shaver. It’s quite an irritant causing patches and burns.

Also, the shaving device is not recommended for long and curly beards or hairs.

Easy Cleaning

With the head disposable and easily detached, the device does not need too much cleaning.

The product’s overall body is water resistant and the blade does not rust so you’ll assure that it is hygienic and safe for utilization.


There’s no need for a heated discussion with this. Philips Norelco Oneblade is one of the most affordable shavers available on the market today.

The only bad thing is that the fillable blades and heads are somehow expensive.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative Blade technology
  • Lightweight about 9 ounce
  • Easy grip handle
  • Simple Cleaning with Water Resistant Body
  • Refillable Razor Head
  • Multi-Angled Shaving


  • Short Battery Life
  • Unideal for Curly and Long Hairs

Norelco Oneblade Competitors

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

A Braun inspired engineered design and technology, Gillette gives us a powerful 3 comb treatment to ensure smooth and comfortable shaving.

Its razor blade is refillable and contains lubricant mineral oil to accommodate shaving on sensitive skins.

It has a black rubber wheel-like handle for tight gripping. Its handle includes a power button that activates or deactivates upon pressing it.

The device powers through an AA battery and isn’t rechargeable. Though, the battery could last about 1-1.5 months depending on the utilization.

Overall, the device is good for its price. Though, it’s function is quite limited. It is not flexible and ideal for long-term utilization.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Upon looking at the device, you’ll first notice the easily rotating silver guard. This guard serves as the covering for the foil head.

Upon rotating it, the device is designed such that it will automatically turn on and likewise, powers off when it returns to its original position.

The foil guard is intuitive design and easily twisted protecting the razor blades which are composed of sharpened metal discs.

Despite its very small and portable size, the shaver works well on shaving and trimming.

However, it is unideal for utilization to those people who have long beards and sensitive skins. It could irritate your skin resulting in patches and burns.

Cleaning is easily done through an incorporated hair clipper attach to its black coated base. There is also a trimmer on the rear of the device that you could remove as needed.

Overall, this shaver is small yet lack versatility in its shaving performance. This product is only advisable on travels and emergencies since its small and simple to use.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

A good priced shaving device that is empowered with the Intercept Shaving Technology for wide angled trimming and hair cutting.

It has mainly black sleek design with an easy grip handle. Its interface consists of a LED indicator to determine battery levels.

The battery is rechargeable and runs approximately for 60 minutes. Full charging of the device lasts about two hours. It also includes a ‘power charging mode’ to cater emergencies.

Also, the device consists of detachable blades that could be refilled as needed. The razor’s body is waterproof.

Overall, this is very intuitive shaver with a lot of features in an inexpensive price. Though it has its drawbacks like noises and shaving inflexibilities, this is still a usable shaver.


Philips has been a trusted manufacturer on the shaving products industry.

Nonetheless, it has already established a reputation for quality and durability to its previous products.

Though Philips Norelco Oneblade device has a lot of limitations, it certainly delivers well the purpose of shaving and trimming at an affordable price.

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